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About Us: Founding Members

Headshot of Teon

Teon L Brooks, Ph.D

Board Member

Teon joined GDC to work full-time as the Executive Director. Prior to his current role, Teon has worked at Mozilla as a senior data scientist as well as in the open-source community since 2013 developing software for brain imaging research as well as teaching workshops and tutorials on hands-on experimentation, data acquisition and data analysis.

Headshot of Steve

Steven J Azeka

Board Member

Steve joined GDC while serving as a Program Lead at Mozilla and an Adjunct at the College of Staten Island. Prior to his current role, Steve served as a Program Coordinator for NYU BrainWaves Project. He taught science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at the elementary and high school levels in California and New York.

Headshot of Mya

Mya Doelling

Board Member

Mya joined GDC while serving as a Manager of Global Partnerships at the International Olympic Committee. Prior to her current role, Mya began her career as Director of Operations for the Michael Phelps Foundation.